Fleet management

Increase the safety and productivity of your fleet.

Enhance fleet safety and productivity by combating fatigue, drowsiness, and microsleeps while driving.

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Up to 25% of all road crashes in the European Union are due to driver fatigue,

among those reported…

Our customers seek a solution to address drowsiness and microsleeps while driving. One that intervenes, promotes responsibility and fosters the professional growth of drivers.

We offer the possibility to improve road safety of both drivers and fleets through our ecosystem.

At Oraigo, we have created an ecosystem consisting of a cutting-edge brain-computer interface called AiGo, accompanied by an AI mobile brain application and web platform, dedicated to combating microsleeps and drowsiness to prevent accidents at the wheel.


Advanced algorithms and Ai to Detect drowsiness and microsleeps.


Comfortable wearable headband.

web app

Providing insights about the fleet.

App mobile.

Activity score. Live insights. Interventions.  


Comfortable. Lightweight. Trustable.


Powerful. Aggregated statistics. Always at your fingertips.

why are we different?

All services in one place.


There is only one way to objectively detect fatigue and drowsiness, and that is by using the gold standard: the brain. We combine the most advanced technologies to achieve increasingly effective detection in the shortest possible time.


We intervene with sound, visual, and haptic alerts and operate effectively both day and night at any speed, even below 65 km/h, where most other systems do not operate. This is because we understand that drowsiness or microsleep can occur at any moment, regardless of speed or light conditions.


We differentiate communication by conveying session-specific insights to the driver for self-improvement, and aggregated fleet insights to the manager. We know that the only way to improve road safety is by proactively collaborating as a team.

User experiences

"I have been a heavy truck driver for about 23 years, my job is quite nocturnal, and finally, someone has thought of a solution for our safety. And I must say that it is extremely comfortable".
Truck driver
"What I liked the most was the feeling of safety I had while wearing the device".
Sales Representative
"About four dangerous situations were detected during my journey. The number of situations detected was significant enough that I decided to stop for a coffee. After that, I felt much better once I resumed my journey. It seems that Oraigo successfully determined my moments of greatest fatigue, considering the detected situations".
Repair Technician

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