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"Driver fatigue is a factor in 10-25% of all road crashes in the European Union"

The European Commission

The situation

The vast majority of drivers acknowledge the dangers of driving while fatigued. Drivers are well able to recognise the signs of being fatigued. Nevertheless, often this does not effectively prevent them from starting or continuing to drive. That's why it's needed something that is able to intervene in case of microsleep.


Drowsiness Detection & Microsleeps

Gold Standard

Backed with EEG data. We are using the gold standard to detect drowsiness and microsleeps.

Drowsiness + Microsleeps Intervention

Many solutions only alert you about drowsiness and advise you to stop driving, ending their functionality at that point. We, on the other hand, are here to step in even in the case of microsleep.

No installation needed

Just wear our AiGo headband and connect through our mobile app and you're ready to go.

Patented solution

We have patented in Italy and patent pending in USA, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Australia, Israel, Brazil.

Our Solution


AIGo, our cutting-edge brain computer interface, captures high-quality EEG data from drivers and wirelessly transmits it to Oraigo's mobile app via Bluetooth.

App mobile

Using Ai, the application is able to detect episodes of drowsiness and microsleeps and intervenes. Our neural networks are trained with our proprietary datasets.

Monthly report

Data is aggregated and given to fleet manager in order to take data driven decisions.

Why us?

Continuous awareness

By watching at Oraigo's app, you can monitoring your Score of activity while driving.

Fast set up

Ready to go in less than a minute.

Vehicle agnostic

Our solution works with various types of vehicles.

Updates on the Go

You can stay compliant with regulations by simply updating the app.

It works under various lighting conditions

It works during the day and during the night.

It works at any speed

It is not necessary to exceed 70 km/h for it to work.

Easy to use

Simple for drivers of all skill levels to utilize.

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