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Register and connect via bluetooth

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Wear AiGo and calibrate.

Once you’ve worn AiGo on your head check the quality of the signal from the application. Once all signals are ok, you are ready to go!

The AiGo headband is a brain-computer interface created by Oraigo. The hardware uses dry sensors to collect high-quality EEG signals.

Artificial Intelligence EnGINe

AiGo is working!

EEG detection: The mobile app constantly monitors the driver’s EEG signal.


Smart multichannel Notifications

Microsleep detection.

If the driver does not respond within the allotted time, the app activates a multi-channel alert system. This may include sound and visual alarms on the phone, such as warning sounds and visual messages on the screen, to attract the driver’s attention. Meanwhile, the AiGo headband emits a strong vibration within the device itself to wake up the driver and draw their attention to the drowsiness situation. If the driver responds to the alert system, the app concludes that they are awake and active, and the process ends.

At the end of the driving.

Backed by over 25 powerful metrics, to significantly enhance safety of your fleet.

Systems that tell you that you're drowsy are not enough.

We equip drivers with advanced tools and empower fleet managers to enhance fleet safety. Mitigate these risks, with Oraigo:


Be safe for you, for your loved ones, and those who care for you.

Unparalleled tranquility

Experience unparalleled tranquillity behind the wheel knowing that your safety is fortified.

Brand Reputation

Proclaim your unwavering commitment to the safety of your valued employees and all stakeholders on the road, establishing an indomitable brand reputation.

Competitive Insurance policies

Unlock the power to showcase diminished accident risks, empowering negotiations for competitive insurance policies.